Thursday, October 08, 2009

weeezle. 07.10.09 hammersmith apollo

Lil tiny baby boy Wayne weezy started his Hammersmith Apollo gig with
a millli. Good choice but couldn't help thinking all night about the question that has been plaguing since I moved to London: "why the fuck is Hammersmith IN Hammersmith". Rubbaaaash.

Anyway. So he was wearing a Fuckmylife tee, which made me wonder if he sips all that sizzurp because he's depressed? I dunno. I don't think he's got daddy issues particularly as his daddy, Birdman, was chirping away on stage with him most of the night.

So then!! I tried to keep track of all the songs but I've just been told I missed lollipop. That's fine though. Most people there knew all the words to carter 3 songs and jo keeps bangin on about carter 2(which I've never heard of because my lil wayne knowledge is limited to drought 3, dedication2, aaaand some other shit never mind).

What's that martian tune called? Phone home? Well, the visuals were incredible. Floating mars planet graffix innit. And then! Gizmo from gremlins! Super cute and not that weird among the random flashes of a crazed skinhead britney spears and smiling miley cyruses.

Actually, if I'm honest, all the imagery on the big screen was great. There were many flying bags of cash, dollar signs and of course! The young and cash money logos, with fires burning behind them.

The graffiks were literally the best part. At one point he sang rapped with no band and the dj delved into turntablism and it was beautiful and there were floating notes, treble and bass signs floating round like champagne bubbles...lovely.

Anyway. he did a dedication to all the dead. Which is fucking stupid I think, at this point. Because hip hop has been around now for a generation or two and people are going to start dying of natural causes!

Whatever. Digression.

So the last funny was his homage to the best rappers of all time. This little video/dj medley/cover tune show was delightful. Of course it started with BIG and moved on to undeserving 2pac and then respeck to jay and then an amazing ten minute tribute to HIMSELF. I love it.

Fat, anorexic, orange, brown, israeli teens in the crowd. I'm yellowy pink. Everyone had fun. Good one. I love lil wayne.

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