Saturday, July 25, 2009

I never hit this anymore

I need to I need to!

Okay - things of significance over the last two weeks (in pictures and words)...

I walked 90km of 100km walk (ie, cacked out 10km from the finishline because I really just wanted to eat a fry-up and take a nap)

JFK and I raped the Royal Garden Hotel for a high class dimsumathon (that Filipina made me eat pig stomach! And it was good)

I gained half a stone (estimate) from eating 2 extra meals and 1+ Cornetto per day since I quit smoking

I seem to have quit smoking

My baby left me for a strip mall :(

Next week: toilet art rollout, back to mother(land) nature, the end of full-time employment, fitness.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hating my 14-year-old self

When I was a kid, my dad, who (along with my mom) has battled a smoking habit for many years, promised to buy me a car if I never picked up a fag. So what did I do when the clock struck high school? I started smoking like a fncking idiot.

Fast foward to 14 pathetic years later, and I'm going to bed at 9pm because I can't fathom the idea of staying up any longer, trying to act normal when I feel like dancing like a lustful Beyonce in a desert surrounded by snakes and eating chocolate until I puke just to distract from the desperate, crazed, insatiable hunger for a cigarette.

Today, I've been through two patches, eaten a kebab dinner built for a lumberjack, totalled a box of wasabi peanuts, sucked on this ridiculous nicotine inhalator (see above) to the maximum daily allocation, and spiraled into a massively melodramatic strop at work over pretty much nothing.

Roll on day six.

Things to do while trying not to hate

Watch cute videos at work: