Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Speech Debelle

It's a youtuberific day. I think she really nails it with this one.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Five London experts select their alternative tourist spots | Travel | guardian.co.uk

York Hall boxing

by Chloe McCloskey, Managing Editor, le cool London

For a true taste of British boxing, you can't do better than a visit to York Hall on fight night. This 1200-capacity venue is a pivotal feature in the history of fighting in the East End's once-gritty (now slightly gentrified) Bethnal Green. The hall opened in 1929 and was mainly home to amateur matches until the mid-1960s when neighbouring Shoreditch Town Hall closed its doors to the sport. From that point on Bethnal Green became the focal point for those going toe to toe in the ring and it's still one of the best arenas in the country - it has hosted the likes of Lennox Lewis and Joe Calzaghe - with an atmosphere like a lion's den.

• 5-15 Old Ford Road. Further info about forthcoming events.

Cause de Clerans

£28.80, security check, lorazepam, sachet whiskey, Organic baguette, East End Chronicles, cold room, coughing coughing, 12th century tower, cow, coffee, cumin cheese, Carmen, NYC Met, Asshole/Presidente, flowers, bulbs, seeds, analogue, silk Rodier gear, gold? chain, Bergerac, croissant, l'asperges, walking, horse, IHT, cuntry Skypers, B&H Platinum, OCB papers, log pon fire, EOS Rebel, fam, duck fat, duck soup, duck pate, duck foie, gras, gras, gras, brie, £1 beaujolais, le merla, Jeffrey, warm bed, three-hour nap, lemsip, Monocle, fed-ex, jimbro, sailor's pants, churrrps, deux chevaux, vineyard, run slow.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hasan Salaam

RAP SHOW Hasan Salaam

Oooh it’s a bit of a hip hoppy week here at le cool huh? Nothing to do with me, I swear…. I think you should get down to 100 Club tonight and check out this guy Hasan Salaam. Fresh off the tour bus with beef and broccoli-loving Immortal Technique and Redman (Redman? What the h3ll has that guy been sayin’?), Salaam delivers that consciousness rap. He’s got a purpose, flow and what seems like a nice heart. He works with kids! He’s from Jersey! He runs food and clothing drives! He will be rolling in alongside the EoW camp, who are making a rare appearance in central London (I swear you normally have to put in mileage to get to these foolz). Also on the bill is the jazzorific Speakers Corner Quartet who will no doubt throw down with their rappy-jazz fusion. After the show, my man Snuff will pull them up for a nice club session that will go long into the early hours. It all sounds pretty good to me. / Chloe McCloskey

Thugs and Hugs 2 Year Birthday Pardee

Club Night/Gig Thugs and Hugs

Not being funny yeah? But I’m not supposed to go out this weekend. I’m going to France next week to eat a lot and drink even more with no laptops or BlackBerrys and especially no clubs with heavy, pulsating, seductive bass…. Gaahhhh, but once again, the masterminds behind Thugs & Hugs have lined up some simply un-missable acts that will undoubtedly break the commitment to staying indoors. And honestly, after last month’s utter smashfest with an incredible set from Lazer Sword it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll find my sweaty a$$ shaking it on the Legion’s dancefloor tonight. Actually, come to think of it, what better way to get in la mood, than with the slinking beats of French low-club ambassador, Fulgeance and TurboCrunk youngster, Hovatron from Montreal? Tabernacle! Get down there. COMPS!! The best definition of ‘low-club’ gets the prize. Email yours to me. / Chloe McCloskey

Secret Wars Final

art battle Secret Wars Final

It’s that time again folks, when the Secret Wars comes to a close, laying a crown on this series’ champ. It has been eventful with loads of talent stepping up and being washed away at the cheer of the crowd. You know the script: two artists, 90 minutes on the clock, white wall and black ink. The final comes after young contender Reeps1 blew his competition, Jeba straight off the scale. Tonight’s duel sees the beatboxer cum drawer-boy go tete-a-tete with the mighty Hicks for the £1000 title and a trip to Portugal to represent the UK in a cross-Europe battle. Drinks are cheap (bar is cash-only, so go to the bank), music will be good and there will be loads of hotties, I mean great art to stare at…. / Chloe McCloskey

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gum Appeal

chloemccloskey: you know what
it's ALL ABOUT Airwave eucalyptus gum
i'm over extra
Terence: really
i go OG
green wrigleys innit
that's the street choice
airwaves is for sell outs
chloemccloskey: green wrigleys
that's a nice gesture homes
but that shit has NO FLAVOUR left after 4 minutes
you need sustainable gum
Terence: jokes
chloemccloskey: plus you only get like 6 stix or something
Terence: in this world you gotto chew quick
spit that shit out
and start again
chloemccloskey: LOLZ
Terence: haha
i mix and match
sometimes better to take shit slow jams
chloemccloskey: that's a good outlook atuclally
as i was saying earlier - balance
Terence: exactly
chloemccloskey: sometimes it's good to get that crazy fucked up bubalicious pink shit and blow bubbles annoying people on the tube
Terence: we could write a manifesto
chloemccloskey: sometimes it's not just about your breath
Terence: sometimes it's about the sass
the swagger
chloemccloskey: for real.
Terence: trashion
chloemccloskey: PERFUCKTION
it's always about

Sunday, March 01, 2009

MC Battle EOW Mic Challenge World Final

Tonight’s End of the Weak World Final is a far cry from the myspace-charged teenage pillow fight that is the Jump Off. No, there won’t be a showcase of bootylicious fashion models or yo’ mama joke competitions. EoW, which started as a platform for New York rappers to air their goods in 2000, will bring the hardest, the realest and the hungriest of emcees for this battle – a climax of a number of events being held in London over the past week. Reigning champ Stig of the Dump will post up at Jamm tonight where competitors gathering from the US, UK, France and Germany will throw down to get their hands on the revered title. The party, organised by South London rap renegades Speakers Corner, features a squillion different rappers in various cyphers, DJs galore, the Throwdown b-boys, VJs and of course, some very special (unannounced) guests. / Chloe McCloskey

Speech Debelle

Bandstand busking finally posted this one. So nice. Bumped into Speech on Friday in a bathroom in Brixton. Her and manager snuck out before the Ghanian (sp?) went off on one about how Jamaicans are the rudest people on earth. Probably not a good look in that part of town.