Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grok Institute and Thugs and Hugs

art Grok Institute

One of the best things about living in this city is the heaving crowds in the Underground at rush hour eh? Just kidding. One of the best things about living in this city is the constant onslaught of the innovative, the creative and the just plain interesting. Take curators, Jean-Robert Saintil and Andrew McPhee, who’ve come together to create the Grok Institute – a fascinating new experience combining digital art, music, video and light installation. With a background in internet innovation, music, trends and art, these two have put together a show that will highlight their specialties, providing a platform for digital life across six locations in the middle of the city. The exhibition, launching tonight, goes for two weeks and features the exclusive ‘Time & Face’ set by Karborn, one of le cool’s favourite cover artists. Jump aboard that sweaty carriage to Carnaby Street – this is definitely one you don’t want to miss. /

club/gig Thugs and Hugs: The Return

It’s been tiiime since Thugs and Hugs made an appearance in these pages bruv. Innit! Yes the tastemakers have taken a short break to do important things like launch art documentaries and bring the best of the west to Fabric. But as is expected of the irrepressible Patchwork Pirates, the illness returns this Saturday to the originoo stomping grounds (and recently refurbed), Legion, to deliver the next big sh1t in hip hop, bass and bass (and bass?). Tonight’s gathering will play host to San Fran’s Lazer Sword and the lovely Toronto/Brooklyn duo, New Look – who have nothing to do with the high street retailer with which they share a name. If unabashedly sweaty dancing, cheap drinks and cutting edge urban beats ain’t your thing, I’d say stay away. If they are – you better stay in on Friday – this’ll be hotter than Brown and Rihanna’s make up sex. /


I know I'm a bit late on this one - but it's so hype I just had to say so...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So good

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Guardian reckons I'm an expert at something...

And what else but where to drink late at night in Dalston?

(Disclaimer: I heard at the last minute that Moustache may be closed for refurbishment...don't hate)

London underground bars

Expert's tip: The Moustache Bar, 58 Stoke Newington Rd, Dalston

Just as skinny jeans and weird hair have been adopted by the suburban crowd, so has Shoreditch, leaving Dalston and Stoke Newington as the destinations-of-choice for London's trendsetters. Charge up Kingsland Road and downstairs into the Moustache Bar, a low-lit basement venue for sweaty late-night dance parties. It's covered in vintage postcards and reminiscent of a low-key, shabby kitsch Spanish bar with an arty twist - a trip to the toilets involves a private view of illustrator Martin Wollerstam's quirky black-and-white line drawings, and a fag break in the upstairs allows for a close look at Alex Noble's collages. Regular jazz nights take place on Tuesdays, and weekends are typically rammed and highly shambolic.
Chloe McCloskey, managing editor, Le Cool London

Why why why?

I knew Chris Brown and RiRi were too good to be true. Too hot, too young and too successful to to exist without darkness in the relations...Guess Hov and B will continue to reign...

As for Brown's career, The Guardian's Hadley Freeman puts it best:

....But in regards to Brown, the question has wider interest: is being accused of spousal abuse actually detrimental to a man's career? He has already suffered some professional setbacks, with Wrigley chewing gum dropping him from its campaign. Will his brand be dented further?

Looking at other men in the public eye who have been accused of offences against women, the truth is that, in the long run, it probably does no more, or even less, damage to their careers than if they were caught with drugs - a point that swimmer Michael Phelps, who has just been suspended for three months after being photographed smoking the decidedly non-performance-enhancing drug cannabis, might ruefully note. Full article

PS I'm clearly not benefiting from the non-performance-enhancing combination of LemSip Xtra and Buck's Fizz I've been dabbling in this afternoon...

I ♥ The Bug and DMG$

Club Night fabriclive

What the hey-lll are you doing tonight? Staying home? No you’re not. Teetotal Jan is over man and my good people at fabric are ringing it in true with a solid fnckin line-up. We got Mr Graeme Sinden topping the bill in Room One alongside The Bug (best record of oh-8) and Toddla T fillin’ up some nice portions. And if that weren’t enough – DMG$ will be in the house all the way from Texas – home of the young and RECKLESS. If you can tear yourself away from alla that – they also got Zombie Disco Squad in Room Two with a bit of Hannah Holland’s batty bass, and holy beat breaker Tayo. The cherry on top comes in the form of the ever-bigg Urban Nerds crew – who will not only be providing the entertainment for Room Three, but have also given us two mega-gift packs for you, darlins, which come complete with a pair of tickets to the pardee. First 2 emails get di prize. / Chlobag McCloskey

J-Dilla Changed My Life - Cargo

Benefit J-Dilla Changed My Life

I totally do this annoying thing and ignore the hype when hype is due. Take incomparable hip hop producer, J-Dilla. Back in the true-school day, I fully ignored my homeboys’ banter about this not just legendary, but all time classic maker and then what do you know? He goes and dies on me. A couple of months ago, I was cruising Pirate Bay, I mean..iTunes..and came across a Jay Dee discography folder. Being the thorough rap journalist that I am, I downloaded the motha fncka and guess what I found? Hundreds of tunes that had been featured as regular rotators in my collection since probably the age of 16. I thought, ‘Sh!t man, J Dilla did change my life!’ To honour the genre-altering knob twiddler following what would be his 37th birthday and anniversary of his death, the Doctor’s Orders cats are throwing a party tonight. All proceeds go to the J-Dilla Foundation & Lupus UK and you know all tunes will be illin’ – get down there, them stakes is high. / Chloe McCloskey

sheer beauty

Check the moment C and C wreck the video around 1.15 - so embarrassing!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So colddddd

I don't even know what to make of this...


From The Heatwave

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bandstand Busking

On Sunday Craigle and I braved the cold to head down to Northampton Sq Bandstand to check out a little acoustic gig featuring Big Dada's latest signing, Speech Debelle and Transgressive Records' Esser. It was a joy interviewing Speech for Hip Hop Connection and am now a massive fan. Check both their stuff out and Bandstand Busking - the footage of the performances will be on the site soon.