Thursday, October 30, 2008


Le Cizzool

Club Musicalia

Nothing like a Wednesday night to shake that sh!t to the ground. Particularly if you’re a freelancer, freeloader or just someone who doesn’t mind showing up at the office reeking of booze, with last night’s eyeliner still in impeccable condition (or it looked so when you woke up…). If this is you, then head to __ tonight for a night of Miami Bass with Girlcore’s ISA GT and Nat Self. That blank space means it was in Dalston, but now it’s not – check out Isa’s blog for the secret location announcement this weekend. This new night promises to hone in on different genre each first Weds. With the cold winds, hail, grey and 4pm sunsets, what better than to get down to a bit of sweaty, gyrating kick drum from the Sunshine State? Naw mean? Now if you’re in need of a little warm (teehee!!) up – check out the pre-party set on Etoro Radio here. / Chloe McCloskey

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bodacious Girl vs Subdued Girl

The image is telling. Betty is looking at Archie, Archie is gazing at Veronica and Veronica is wrapped up in her own moment of enjoyment, considering carefully what she and Archie will do later once Betty has gone home to study.

Dryer Series Uno

I've been meaning to start this up for a while. Hand dryers are important. They say a lot about the quality of venue you are drinking/eating/stalking/lounging/cheating at.

I like this one - and I'm not sure who makes them as all I can get from my keen internet research is a model called STYLISH SUPER FAST Powerful High Grade Stainless Steel 2500 watts Auto Hand Dryer. 2500 watts is a good level. It's powerful, very warm and actually dries your hands quickly so you can get back up to no good. It's also logoless, which I find classy.
Bonus points: Check the reflection in the nozzle...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Robin Kay at Toronto Fashion Week

Those in Tdot have no doubt heard about the recent blunder made by FDCC President Robin Kay at the Mango show in Nathan Phillips Square. It seems Robin, a very close family friend, had a few too many glasses of champagne (can't say that I blame her...) before introducing the show, which, (hush now) was graced by the presence of a celebrity guest, Monica Cruz (that's Pene's sister homesies).

Rob's speech, say the world-class Toronto gossip writers, "went too far" and was, according to Holt Renfrew's Barbara Atkin, "the equivalent of wearing a bad matter how beautiful your outfit is, everyone is looking at the bad accessory".

Nice soundbyte Barb - did you practice that one in front of one of your mirrors?

This of course was followed by another brave (read: anonymous) petition to end Robin's tyranny over the event that she has spent the past 9 years cultivating.

I find it funny how members of this inferiority-complex-ridden Canadian scene rarely acknowledge the serious graft she's put in to bring this event the kind of prestige it gets, but when she fucks up - they're all over it.

As for the petition and nameless email scribes - you need to be thankful the journos have something to write about aside from the fact that some model/actress/designer from Spain touched down in your lovely (and slightly boring) city for five minutes to honour a collection that's already in stores globally.

Robin Kay is a successful businesswoman, mother of three, survivor of breast cancer, limitless free spirit and one of the most generous individuals I've ever known. Toronto is damn lucky to have someone as brazen as her running the show.

Kid Sister...

..mine that is - featured in Canadian hip hop group Grand Analog's new video Touch Your Toes Part 2. Apparently they dropped her from 15 feet in the air whilst filming. HAHAHA. They're not bad actually

This week's activities

Club Trouble and Bass

Oh heylllllllll yeaah. It’s Thursday foolz and Brooklyn is in the house. I genuinely hope you’ve managed to recover from last weekend’s madness as pain shall be brought to the East Village tonight. NY’s Trouble and Bass crew (Drop the Lime, The Captain, Star Eyes and Math Head) are soaring all the way across the pond tonight to team up with South London’s Night Slugs (Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990) in celebration of latest Drop the Lime release ‘Hear Me’. There is absolutely no cover charge so you can pretty much guarantee serious roadblockage. It will be a sweaty mess of bassline, Miami-bass, B-more, bass, bass, bass and more bass. Anyone who emails me the name of Bok Bok’s Mad Decent mixtape gets a free Drop the Lime 12”. Don’t say Le Cool didn’t ever give you nufink. /

Club Grandmaster Flash

“I went deep into cocaine,” says hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash. The man who is said to have invented cutting and other turntable mastery fell into a dark hole of drug abuse after crew, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five split up and divided between himself and partner Melle Mel. Unbeknownst to most, their leading single, The Message, didn’t actually feature Flash, or any of the Furious Five apart from Mel. However in 2007 they were the first hip hop group to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Waitaminute – does that seem weird to you? That shizzle came out in 1982! I guess it’s a rock museum…but still – they put Bob Marley in there ages ago…haters. Anyway – Flash is out of the woodwork after fifteen years of getting good with himself. His dexterity on the wheels of steel will be on show tonight at top reality TV ‘star’ punani-sight-seeing-spot Paper nightclub. This is a chance to see a legend in action. If you can afford the £20 cover at this point in the month, I suggest you get down there, along with the killer cuts, it includes a free cocktail. /

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear England,

Dear England,

Brine, why?

You wrecked my dinner.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bethnal Green at night

Here's what really happens after we've gone to sleep....

late le cool - i'm just late

Film/club Beautiful Losers Premiere and Afterparty

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd. When can I just say NO?! No to another Saturday on the tiles, no to another art show, no to another film premiere, no to its amazing afterparty, no to dancing all night to hyp-er than hype Los Angeles deejays like Nosaj Thing, Squeak E Clean (see Friday at Fabric) and Take, no to any more dayum Patchwork Pirates. Sigh. I can’t. Here’s the deal – check the LFF launch of art doc Beautiful Losers – looking at the ‘subversive’ lives of those artists that hung around director Aaron Rose’s gallery Alleged in New York in the early part of this decade. The film features people like Shepard Fairey and Harmony Korine. Breathe. Then following the screening, is the return of the illustrious Thugs and Hugs jam, this time at Cordy House with abovementioned selectas. Seriously – try and say no. / Chloe McCloskey

Club Squeak E Clean

Do you know about Squeak E Clean? Homeboy is set to release a 17-track nuclear bomb under N.A.S.A., his group with Brazilian partner DJ Zegon next February. Yes this monster will feature some little known artists such as, oh – Kanye – heard of him? How about M.I.A.? Then there’s a little Santogold, Lovefoxx – a bit of Tom Waits, Kool Keith, fncking RZA – this list seriously goes ON. Now why do you think this mad pack of geniuses would wanna get down with brer? “It was like, ‘Oh cool, I like this music, I wanna be involved,’” he says. Sweet. He’s playing tonight at (yes I know you probably know already) Fabric’s 9th birthday jamborino in room three alongside Toddla T, Joe Ransom, Patchwork Pirates etc tonight. Get ‘er done. / Chloe McCloskey

a bit late but still...

yah so it is a bit late - i can't type with these damn pronailz on so bear with it. (bare?)

nosaj thing and squeak killed it

the boys did up cordy house real nicely with art/projections/the film up all over (not to mention copious eye candeeeeee)

we also found that in going to this we were missing the bug at amersham arms gutted.....

also checked the Gerald Laing show at ocontemporary in soho yesterday. pretty dope, and affordable prints on offer too.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nueva Nomad x Daydream Network

Linkage with my boy Avue and his shinizzle Daydream Network to interview illustrator Jiro Bevis, a panelist on VICE's Creative30 project...

Hi Jiro, how are you?
I'm good thanks!

What are you up to?
Just finishing off a load of different stuff that all came to me at the same time and stressed me out a lot.

I hear you live in a 'dank flat in Dalston,' do you have a favourite place to eat around there? Who said it was 'dank'? It’s lovely; me and my brother just fitted in a new bathroom and outside my window I can see a pool of water where all the pigeons have a bath. There are loads of great places to eat round me, but I guess my favourites are Somine where you can get really nice soup 24 hours-a-day and Evin, they used to have a YouTube video but it's not there anymore, not sure why. Read the full interview

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I saw this film last weekend before interviewing MCA aka Adam Yauch from the illustrious Beastie Boys for Huck. Yauch produced and directed the film on label/production house/distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories.

It's a fun film (by no means life-changing) with amazing commentary by Bobbito Garcia, flashy editing and anthem-saturated soundtrack.

What else? I love this song, Spooky Couch by Albi Hammond Jr...even though some haters may not get the attraction to that which is plinky plonky...

hoo hool

film American Gangster

All I can think of when I hear ‘American Gangster’ is the creeping bassline and punchy flow in Blue Magic, the leading single off Hov’s unofficial soundtrack to the film. Yes old Jay-Zed found inspiration in the Ridley Scott-directed blockbuster and its parallels to his own life. But let’s forget about Jay for a minute, his beautiful B and multi-million dolla fortune and talk about Frank. Frank Lucas, in case you don’t know, is the film’s protagonist and a former heroin don from the early 70s. SPOILER He dissolved the middle men in his trade and smuggled pure heron back from South East Asia in coffins of dead American soldiers. He was (arguably) the first to brand street drugs, (with the abovementioned song title), and got MEGA rich. The movie was nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes and cost $100 million to make. It’s pretty good (albeit long) and is on at the BFI tonight. Hip hop trivia: Did you know that Lucas’ son, Frank Lucas Jr is a substandard rapper? I’m gettin’ it… /

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ludiacris vs. Martha Stewart

This is fucken amazing...look at his sweet cardigan!!


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can't stop working

Can I just say that breaking the through the axis of evil that is procrastination-alcoholism-laziness is the best thing EVAR?

For real - my ass is (not my actual ass) going to be published all over the damn place in the month or two to come. Watch. This. Space.

Toodaloo :)

Oh yeah - check this Envy shit:

And my boy Avue's shinizzle - one of the previously mentioned damn places...

Alby, more ink and stuff yo.

Gig Albert Hammond Jr

I lovvvvvvee the striggity Strokes. Is that still cool? I don’t care. Trust-fund, New York royalty or not, them boys know how to play a tune. Rock it up or break me down with your emotion-wrenching lyrics I’m a sucker. When my sister informed me then that guitarist Albert Hammond Jr has been grafting away while the others have been doing who the hell knows what, I jumped on that bandwagon like pair of stripey tights on Aggy Deyn (fnck – did I just mention that twat?). So off the back of his lastest LP, Como Te Llama, Alby’s playin’ the Scala tonight and you know what? He’s real gud. He sounds a bit like this band I like called the Strokes. You know them? /

Talk Tattoo Culture

So if the amount of new ink in my household is anything to go by, last weekend’s Tattoo Convention was a great success. Showcasing a vast array of styles and subcultures, the event showed that London’s interest in tattooing isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So as a perfect follow-up then, the lovely Dana Centre is hosting a talk tonight on the cultural and scientific implications of our fascination with this form of body d├ęcor. And guess what? It’s free. Hosted by Neil Daleywater, the editor of Skin Deep magazine, the chat will bring together the minds and ideas of doctors, tat-artists, curators and historians. Also there is said to be human remains on display – which could be gross, but also pretty interesting. So if the convention proved too daunting for you (or too pricey!) get your nerd on and head to the Science Museum tonight. / Chloe McCloskey