Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ike Robinson and Consenting Adults - LIVE THIS FRIDAY!!

Come check us out this Friday at The Metro Club!

festival MEMPHIS 101: Making Easy Money Pimpin Hoes In Style.

Not really one of those chicks who goes all gaga for movie stars, but mention Terence Howard and strange things begin to happen inside me. Thus it was my utmost pleasure in 2005 when Howard starred as an aspiring Memphis rapper (getting by as a pimp) in Hustle and Flow. The film opened up the mainstream’s eyes to this mid-southern pocket of musical flavour (giving Memphis outfit Three 6 Mafia an Oscar for the film’s theme), which has long churned out American greats such as Robert Johnson, Johnny Cash and B.B. King, and has since produced a horde of hip-hop acts. The B.A.D. crew’s latest instalment of rap 101 lessons at the Old Blue this Sunday focuses on thangs Memphis. Get down for screenings of gritty docs Memphis or Die! and Gangsta Walking , DJ sets by the experts and free chicken wings and purple stuff to drink. Yup. /


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