Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love hot hunks

My friend Phil is joining the cast of Coronation Street. Check out his tabloid debut...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Well you're already picturing me naked, so Duckdown must be doin' something right!"

Kidz In The Hall have come a long way since their 2006 debut LP, School Was My Hustle. The Ivy-league graduate rap stars have played "the most amazing show to ever grace Austin, Texas," scheduled a tour with Redman and are bridging a gap between the intelligent and the street with sophomore project, The In Crowd. Their list of accomplishments to this point is very impressive, and the ambitious (and damn funny!) artists are more than ready to take on the world.

We recently caught up with the dynamic duo to discuss their jump from Rawkus to Duck Down, the scrawling of self-help books and why their endorsement of Barack Obama could change the world.
Full interview

Trying something new - thanks Jo

Lots of online stuff for me this week...

Club Night Guilty Pleasures
It seems that old Jacko has been laying low for the past little while. Long gone are the days of baby-shaking out German hotel rooms. And apparently, even longer gone are the days of his breathtakingly awesome pop songs to which you choreographed numerous melodramatic dance routines as a yoot. Well this weekend, there is nothing stopping you from grabbing that hair-brush, teasing the sh!t out of your fringe and moon-walking it down to Koko for the latest instalment of Guilty Pleasures. This month’s cheese fest is dedicated to all things King of Pop. Come ride the boogie with silver-painted chubsters the Glitter Banditz and dance the night away with the insatiable Laundrettas – a crew of 50s-style housewives who do everything but stay in cooking meatloaf. Tickets usually sell out – so get there early (before midnight) and don’t be afraid to dress up. I know I will be cruising down with the campest pack of transvestite-looking b!tches this side of Vegas. Chamon. /

Monday, April 21, 2008

This already happened...

Club Night Thugs and Hugs with The Heatwave
Uh ohhhh. Another Thugs and Hugs is on. This morning I saw one of the Patchwork Pirates on the tube. It’s always fun bumping into someone really cool when you’re wrestling your too-heavy laptop bag, a badly-prepared yet scalding cappuccino, grilled cheese sandwich and Oystercard in one hand; iPod, Metro and BlackBerry in the other all whilst forcing your way onto the Victoria Line at 8am on a Wednesday “Ohh heeey! Fancy meeting you here?!” This month’s jam brings firey collective The Heatwave, whose crew of DJs, MCs and general bad bwais will make you sweat tonight. What more can I say to make you go to these parties? If you’re into Hip Hop / Bassline / Garage / Dancehall / B-more / Miami Bass / Dubstep or Jungle, then it’s obviously going to be on your monthly to-do list. If it’s not – right-click and save as here and you’ll surely be convinced. Holler. /

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I met famous people last night...

Club Night Be @ Proud
Guess who just got evicted!? Awww yeah! The Camden slumlords who’ve ignored squirrel infestations, leaking lightbulbs (!), and complaints of showers knee-deep in sludge have finally chucked us out. Their evil, dirty, sleazy henchmen estate agents have sent a letter informing my flatmates and I, that the place will now be REFURBISHED so we must vacate. Fellow Camden evictees, the Proud Galleries have overcome a similar burden and will reopen this week. I think I’ll pitch up there and drink Bulmers until I find a new place. Saturday will mark the beginning of this residence (mine that is) starting with the deliciously dancey funk of Ali Love followed by what I predict will be a total shi!tshow by superstar hipster deejay Steve Aoki. I hope Amy Winehouse is there, maybe she’ll let me move in to her flat. /

Soon I shall be a published author....

Team London at Le Cool have been working on a guidebook to this wild and wacky city. Click here to see some previews of the pride and joy which is well on its way from our cool-tank to your handbags/pockets/fingertips/bookshelves.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Le Cool Last week

Party/Screening New Jack Swang 101

In 2006 singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire Teddy Riley spearheaded a revival of New Jack Swing, the hip-hop/R&B fusion he developed in the late 1980s. Little did he know that his New Jack Reunion Tour, which featured favourites Guy, BLACKstreet, Tony! Toni! TonĂ©!, and SWV, would bring back the flattops, gold chains and gazelle shades of days gone by. Well the B.A.D. b!tches, who brought you ‘Rapped’ featuring R.Kelly’s ‘Trapped in Closet’ videos to the Old Blue Last, are back with a day of buggin’ tunes and videos to school you on all thangs New Jack Swaaaang. With screenings of House Party and Do the Right thing, this lesson in hip-hop history is part of a new string of jams dubbed the ‘101 Series,’ designed to learn you in the genres and scenes shaping today’s fads. So shorty, come have an eargasm, watch the videos, and get some free sh!t. Never trust a big butt and a smile. / C-Money


1.Who likes champagne?! I do! 2. Who likes music with black roots?! MEEEE! 3.Who’s spent hours in front of the mirror rapping alongside fave tunes? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of the previous, you best get your ass down to the Big Chill House tonight. Here’s why: Clicking here will get you a voucher for a free glass of bubbly upon arrival at Thursdays’ new night. You have to sign up and become a member, but guess what? It’s totally free and there are great perks – like no cover on Fridays/Saturdays, ever. Secondly, this new night promises to bring the funk with Equator Sound System’s Guy Morley and his homies playing the bangers they love. With rocksteady reggae to batucada to ska bugalu (what is that?) I’m positive you’ll make good use of the Big Chill House’s excellent dance floor. And finally, upstairs has hip hop karaoke, heard!? But not just any karaoke, rap-with-your-own DJ-and-hype-man karaoke! I believe a little 2pac will be much easier to belt out than that 80s track you always butcher. / Chloe McCloskey