Friday, February 29, 2008

Wicked issue this week...

exhibition Nathan James' Pleasure Island
A while back I wrote about an artist I knew from back home who had a show on in London. I felt a bit cheeky at the time – shamelessly recommending my friend’s exhibition; although I did have enough confidence in his stunning work that it wouldn’t look like some dodgy le cool insider trading to you guys. Fast forward a few months, and Nathan James has popped up on a number of very respected websites. You can imagine my relief (and growing ego and pride) – at seeing that other people agree with my impression that James’ paintings bring something new to the table. I think it appeals to both the art buff and weed-smoking teenager. You should go. /

club night Dirty Canvas
I’ve been slightly obsessed with a blog written by a female journalist (I only mention female because I am too), whose ear to the underground proved helpful in my quest to understand the grime scene from afar. Fiddy’s street-credibility ended up landing her a weekly column in the only free paper to take seriously, and regular spots in i-D and RWD. Time had passed when I cruised by the other day on the hunt for music and noticed her bigging up this party at the Rhythm Factory. London beat-seekers beware – this is gonna be a big one. With mashy dancehall merriment from Sheffield’s insatiable Toddla T, dubstep and grime from Plastician, an exclusive jungle set by D Double E (Dirtee Stank) and the usual retardedness from Yo Yo’s Seb Chew (hel-lo Yo-Yo), you’ll be demanding more slayings from host MC Godsgift (PAYG Kartel) all night long. It’s murda..! /

Monday, February 25, 2008


Friday, February 22, 2008

MIA in tha UK

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jack Dogg is amazing

Peep this ill shit I just found in my inbox from 2006:

Jackie Buckley to Me:


I can channel coco chanel's spirit maybe karl lagerfeld's egoism, yo f+ck nike b!

straight up why don't you start playing basketball and watching bet and eating mcdonald's shop at Stiches go to see movies like lil' man or big momma' s house hang out at mc cormick's and dufferin mall all the time, grocery shop at walmart and use pine sol to clean everything with?

kfc, urban behaviour, sirens, pizza pizza, hockey, floor hockey, lift weights, watch wrestling lower your suzuki swif,t outline your lips, dye your beautiful black hair yellow blond, low rise cheap ass strech jeans with big thighs and knocked-knees, shave your eyebrows, glue in your weave that's all fuzzy now and the red end are fading to orange, wear a white bomber jacket with the collar all stained up with nasty makeup and the sleaves sticky from PEPSI (who fuckin drinks pepsi??)!! wear some cheap calgon shimmer body spray you got for christmas, work in a movie theatre listen to flow buy usher albums and shakira's new shit don't forget nelly furtado! what my girl's shit be tight son!

I dunno you said you missed our racialism i thought I'd hit you on tha heezee with my low income, visual minority, mainstream capitalist, blind consumerism, immigrant actually really wealthy portudfgrgfegtklges that's supposed to spell portuguese saving for dowries and shit, mini knapsack, leather baseball cap, pink fake uggs, ardene, whiteheadband people we both love worship hate make fun of wish we could be like ignorantly happy moody inexplicably violent and jealous with the most wacked out explainations for why things are the way they are - i just hate that b!tch, still.

Beaters of the world unite against ironic condescending hipsters!!!


Le Cool Le Cool Le Cool

film Shane Meadows Triple Bill
Back in ’04 I spent 6 months wandering from beach to beach in southeast Asia looking for love. OK more like someone to buy me drinks. Funnily enough my partiality wasn’t for the locals, but the drunken ones who decorated the bars, talked with strange accents and who eventually convinced me the answer to my quest likely lay on this great isle. I met a gentleman whose recent release from prison had given him a new lease on life (he’d done seven years for the manslaughter his girlfriend’s attempted killer) and who took a shine to yours truly. This was likely because I saved his life by pulling him back into a jeep after losing his balance on the speeding vehicle on a dark jungley road on our way to a night club. When I went to the director’s screening of This Is England last year I was shocked at Shane Meadows’ resemblance to this man. It brought me back to that time and place – which strangely is what many of his films tend to do. Check out this triple bill at the Roxy and see if Meadows’ work brings evokes another era for you. /

Restaurant Food For Thought
Ever been trapped in Covent Garden and found yourself starving and dying to get away from the plethora of metallic-coloured mimes, brazen rickshaw boys and frenetic tourists? Entirely fed up of the mind-numbingly repetitive selection of sandwiches at the requisite office luncher shops (tuna and sweetcorn anyone? Umm…NO THANKS), I stumbled across this little vegetarian slop house on Neal St. Food For Thought offers a daily selection of healthy delicacies served up in true hippie fashion. Share a table with a stranger and fill up with tasty fare (pastas, stir-frys, quiche, salads and curries) at very reasonable prices. Opened in 1974 this spot is now an institution and provides refuge from the mayhem of central London, serving the fuel you need to brave the rest of your shopping. Save yourself from a mediocre sandwich. /

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Le Cool - Week 46

theatre The Dybbuk
If you haven’t experienced the utter charm of Upper Street’s The King’s Head – then it’s time you head there and checked out what this showpiece of a pub has on offer. The 19th century boozer brandishes d├ęcor dating back to its inception and hosts rowdy live music every night following the show in the theatre upstairs. Which brings us to the point. The Dybbuk, an influential Jewish play is currently on at this lovely space, and will be for the next 4 weeks. Directed by up-and-comer Eve Leigh, it tells the tale of a young woman haunted by the spirit of her dead lover on the night of her wedding to the wrong man. Leigh has brought together a colourful cast including stunning performances from beauties Lisa Came and Hanne Steen and compelling work by Tam Williams. So let’s review; great pub, excellent theatre, and live music afterwards with drinking. What more do you want? Go and have fun – if you don’t – email me and we can talk about it. /

film Juno
Ok I’m going to be honest – I’m not actually in London, I’m in what’s been deemed Visa Purgatory – the midland between living with my parents and living the ‘exciting’ life of a London music journalist. Since I arrived (in Toronto) I’ve gone snowboarding in French Canada, partied in NYC, got my wisdom teeth removed and gone to see Juno on Christmas Day. To keep with the honesty theme, peep this: Go to New York if you haven’t been – it’s really that great. Definitely check out Quebec sometime – the locals are really fun and tabernacle, they throw a rowdy NYE party. Only get your wisdom teeth out if you can guarantee hard painkillers (Percocets are best). Finally (and perhaps most feasibly) go and see Juno. It’s a quirky comedy that’s managed to collect four Oscar nods. I don’t want to tell you much (it’s bad to have high expectations) but the dialogue is effing out of this world and it also stars two Canadians – who are like total gems, eh? /