Thursday, January 10, 2008

Le Cool from Afar

Talk: Quickies
It’s January. The weather sucks, everyone’s broke and miserable. For most of us it’s time to get healthy – which likely means getting to that yoga class, eating lots of greens and generally keeping luxuries in check. However if there is one pleasure you’re allowed to indulge throughout this crappy, depressing month – it’s the finest enjoyment known to humankind and that is feral, unadulterated shagging. Forget bread, forget cheese, forget beer – get busy! Make babies! Or at least act like you are. Not in the mood? Head to the Barbican and with your day ticket get access to the Quickie talk (hosted by celebrated UCL sexpert Dr Petra Boynton) and brush up on your know-how. As part of the Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now exhibit (which ends shortly) the chat finds Boynton and a group of specialists in the gallery for a brief tryst (maximum of 30 minutes) discussing the works. Get educated and hot – then head back to bed. /