Saturday, December 08, 2007

This is even better

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Le Cool this week

Gig/Club Speakers' Corner

In what can only be described as hell on earth (the final gate for a late Berlin – London Ryanair flight) I spotted a mountain of a man. In my Ativan-Weißbier haze I tried to make sense of the mythical creature sat before me in giant-sized flashy rap gear looking as tired and hungover as my own self. Could I really be on the same flight as legendary Geordie MC Stig of the Dump? I could not believe my little hip hop floozy eyes! After boarding I scurried down the narrow aisle to speak to Stig, who had in tow his Beer and Rap partner Dr Syntax and Merciless Records mastermind – DJ Snuff himself. Snuff informed me that this week hosts the year’s final Speakers Corner – a night where London’s top MCs gather for one of the rawest cyphers in the city. Expect spitters galore (100 were personally invited), airing their wares at this must-go Brixton night out. My man Stig may be lurching in the shadows. Watch yourself. /

Art Party Evolving Styles: Xmas Party

Christmas Christmas time is here, with spray paint cans and haters’ sneers. The boys at Pimp mag and Evolving Styles are back again for the Xmas leg of their charity auction at Cargo. This round sees a healthy dose of Germans with Munich’s Flying Fortress, painting alongside Frankfurt/Erfurt duo Herakut and the UK’s Nick Purser and Mr Jago. All these dudes and dudettes are mad impressive – check out those links for real. A silent auction will offer the live work (plus donated pieces from Dave Kinsey, Faile, Crash, Daze and more) at crazy prices (IE you set ‘em) and then the money goes to SOS Children – the biggest kids orphan charity in the world. With hot boozy drinks, roasted nuts, and marshmallows –– you can’t really go wrong with this one. It starts and ends early – so you can do some good, get some free shizz and move on to the next jam. /

Gig/Club Abdominal @ Breakin' Bread

I know, I know – enough friggin’ RAP stuff already. It’s just a busy week, ok? Sorry. So um – yet another Christmas party from yet another hyper-hype London b-boy crew – this time Breakin’ Bread brings the funk to Jazz Café. We had to big this one up kids as MC Abdominal – straight from Toronto, Canada hits the stage with his tour partner and all round fun guy, DJ Fase. Fase is a bit of a legend in my parts, as in, he plays at almost every local night worth going to. And Abs, who just released his first solo LP, has been hanging out in hostels and Brick Lane curry houses just waiting to unleash his pain on London town. Yup it’s fun, it’s a bit backpacky, but you can be sure that old Skeggy will bring enough delectables in his vinyl sack to keep your over-partied ass shaking all night long. / Chloe McCloskey

Well hip hop loves you Iran!

Iran hates hip hop - From Henry Adaso,
While the U.S. government is interested in cracking down on Iran's ability to develop nuclear weapon, Iran has embarked on a different crackdown of its own -- a ban on rap music. Iran's Ministry of culture admits that there is nothing wrong with hip-hop music in itself, but maintains that the "obscene language" used by some of the artists forced them to place a ban on the music.

"In coordination with the police, illegal studios producing this type of music will be sealed and the singers in this genre will be confronted," said the official for evaluation of music at the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, Mohammad Dashtgoli.
Predictably, conservatives in Iran cheered the effort. But moderates have denounced the move, calling it a distraction from Iran's real problems -- a crumbling economy.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I love him

December 3, 2007
Let us spray: Banksy hits Bethlehem

With Christmas around the corner and tourists staying away, Bethlehem has turned to an unlikely source to help to revive its suffering economy: graffiti.

The “guerrilla artist” Banksy has helped to transform the security barrier that surrounds the town with more than a dozen satirical images painted, plastered and sprayed on to the 8m-high (26ft) concrete. The work winds a trail to the heart of the city at Manger Square, where more than a dozen pieces are housed directly across from the Church of the Nativity. Click here for more...

Le Cool Fool

Gig Jill Scott
It appears that no amount of lorazepam and airline booze can compare to the lazing effects of a Sunday spent in bed with a generous lover as the rain pounds the tin barn roof and Jill Scott quietly utters her tales of amour over the hi-fi. While I’ve heard from a few Rn’B singers that even the hardest gangsters need to ‘make love,’ this is no excuse to start blasting Lloyd Polite when your object of desire drops by for a cup of tea, you thug. Miss Scott sings to her object – whether they’ve misbehaved, or been very ahem, generous. She’s not doing it for you, or me or even Young Lloyd. For the next 3 nights the songstress, (who scribed Erykah Badu’s bit in the Roots’ You Got Me) will unleash her love at the Empire – where you will no doubt be able to spot some gangsters trying to woo their women. Let’s take a long walk, and just be silent, c’mon! /

Gig Music de Beauvoir
Don’t be misled. A night spent with big band Music de Beauvoir is not likely to hurl you into a debilitating bout of existential angst. Nor will it somehow suddenly augment your attraction to googley-eyed French dudes as its name might suggest. Led by Precise and Olson (P&O), the sample-slangin’ masterminds behind Wall of Sound’s Vinyl Dialect, this jazzy, bluesy, funky, hip-hoppy experiment seeks to create an artful form of music that is best enjoyed live. The ensemble, comprised of an impressive roster of hard-working musicians, including (for name dropping’s sake) Leon de Bretagne, who’s toured as ?uestlove’s bass player and been on millions of hip-hop albums, will play live the emotive library music-sampled tracks produced by P&O. With ten members, this crew is hard pressed for practice time, so tonight’s gig is a very special treat. You should go. /