Tuesday, November 27, 2007

London Selected * 037

Art/Gig Victims/Algiers

France is hating on Algiers. As I write this, Algiers’ producer, drummer, guitarist and back-up vocalist Frankie Fisher is hitchhiking from a small town in coastal France to Paris – where he’s to catch a flight to London to perform with his band leader, ahem…partner Ryan Mahan (bass, lead vocals) at the private view of Nicola Morrison and Kim O’Neil’s long-awaited Victims show. The reasons for this rather ballsy journey is because France is basically on strike and half the band is based in Brittany. The Atlanta-bred duo have been working in a Camden barn on their curious blend of hip hop, punk, gospel, soul and guitar stuff all summer. In the same barn, in fact, as painter Morrison, who, with her own estranged partner, O’Neil, have created a thoughtful homage to the five street-walking victims of Whitechapel’s most famous serial killer. Come celebrate with the foursome – whose combined creativity will finally be unleashed tonight at the Showrooms in Shoreditch with complimentary beer and absinthe. / Chloe McCloskey

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dry them hands proper...

Yo you know when you go out for dinner, or you're drinking at a bar and things are going really well? Then suddenly - you have to run to the washroom to pee? It's kind of annoying because you're having a really good conversation with someone and you don't really wanna leave them hanging? The Dyson Airblade is genius...it cuts toilet time by half. Why? Because you don't have to stand there for ten minutes while some pathetic dryer blows on your hands like a baby at a birthday party. You stick your mitts in there and slowly (ten seconds!) pull them out and you're done.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

An incredible phenomenon...

The Original

The Banjo Player

The Chubby Girl

The Wannabe

The Chinese Chick

The Baby

The Dude

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Busy Week!

Hey-llooo check'er out...this Fabric thing below is going to be insane - I'm going Friday whooooo whoooo

Club Annie Mac Presents
Holee Guacamoleee!! I know that we always put Fabric stuff in – but there is a Holy Grail of reasons why we can’t overlook this Friday’s Annie Mac Presents Tour. Where the heck to begin? Well we have the GET FAMILIAR VS FOOLS GOLD in Room One which features so much freshness I think I might barf. East-end selectas Patchwork Pirates will tear it up with “head-nod wonky hip hop and dancehall to UK garage to tuff electro” alongside crazy buzz-girl Kid Sister, with her mans A-Trak (World DMC champ, Kanye’s tour DJ and little bro to Chromeo’s Dave1), Ed Banger’s DJ Medhi, Lady Sov-producer Sinden, Flosstradamus and Hannah Holland. Room Dos will play host to Annie Mac herself and Simian Mobile Disco – while the third will house the YoYo crew, led by Lily Allen’s ex Seb Chew who will be on the decks as well. This is fashionable music at its finest – it’s a matter of figuring out how to be in 3 places at once. /

Theatre The Six Wives of Timothy Leary
‘Imagine what it would be like to be dead? You know? Like, imagine if we were all just dead right now – but think we’re alive just based on like the mainstream conceptualisation of what reality is? I mean,what if we’re actually just bits of ash floating through the universe on a rocket ship bound for infinity?’
American LSD enthusiast Timothy Leary doesn’t have to ask these questions, well not at least anymore – his ashes were sent to space aboard a Pegasus Rocket in 1997 following his well-documented death from prostate cancer. The Six Wives of Timothy Leary explores the stories of the women who married this brilliant, yet eternally flawed man. Written by Philip de Gouveia, a recent graduate of the Royal Court’s 26+ Writers Programme, this Weaver Hughes Ensemble-production will use multi-media recordings from the 1950s-90s to tell the tales of the female backbones behind the trips. Tune in man. /

Gig Illa Man
You gotta love the hunger of an underground rapper. Throw in a bit of talent and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. West London MC Illa Man (AKA David Penning) has both. The 25-year-old is one of the hardest-working MCs I’ve come across on this side of the pond. With spit-fire lyrics in that distinctively UK Jungle-influenced style, Illa delivers his tunes with a playful passion, covering a range of topics – from getting retarded with mates to the tragic loss of his best friend in a freak accident to the perils of being deeply in love. Having worked with dancehall legend Spragga Benz, and Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs – Penning is an experienced spitter, and will be playing at Paradise (no really!) tonight. Performing tunes from his Things Mixtape (out now on Buttercuts Records) and upcoming project, Open Season, Illa’s bounce will no doubt warm you up on this chilly November evening. /

Comedy Allah Made Me Funny
The daily strife of the Palestinian, Afghan or Iraqi people is not generally something that makes anyone want to laugh. Cringe with shame perhaps? Seethe with anger maybe? The American-led war on terror has created many tensions in our society and has not shown a sign of letting up any time soon. With this in mind, you have to be thankful for funnymen Preacher Moss and Azhar Usman, who this month launch the official Muslim comedy tour, Allah Made Me Funny in the UK. Aiming to shed light on rarely joked-about subject matter, these US-born Muslims combine traditions of American humour with their experiences as cultural-underdogs to present a hilarious show that is appealing to any audience. Says Moss: “The concept of this tour is to make a comprehensive effort to provide effective, significant, and appropriate comedy with an Islamic perspective, which is both mainstream and cross-cultural.” With three shows at the Riverside this week – you shouldn’t miss it. /

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The mother of American rapper and producer Kanye West has died in Los Angeles following what's being reported as complications related to a cosmetic surgery procedure.
Dr Donda West was 58.
The English professor, who in May this year released a book about her experience raising the successful hip hop star, also managed her 30-year-old son's businesses and charity, The Kanye West Foundation.
A spokesman for Mr West has said,
"the family respectfully asks for privacy during this time of grief."

Friday, November 09, 2007

Le Cool this week...

Yo yo yo yo yo....an interesting week on ALL FRONTS.
I need to do so much stuff - a lot has to do with immigration...boooooo!
Seriously if you're down - go to the Blind Alphabetz release party at Cargo next Weds - it'll be free to get in and I'll be there. :)

film/talk Monica Ali and Hanif Kureishi
The release of Brick Lane, a film based on the award-winning debut novel by British-Bangladeshi author Monica Ali, has been wrought with controversy. During shooting in the Tower Hamlets last year, around 100 protesters turned up to contest the “shameful” depiction of the community, while a council representing many UK Bangladeshis lodged formal complaints to Ali’s publishers. These local critics garnered support from Germaine Greer – who was then condemned as ‘sanctimonious’ by Salman Rushdie – can you say literary beef or what?! To top it all off, the film was only last week pulled from being this year’s Royal Film Performance, which Clarence House blamed on ‘controversy.’ A fundraiser viewing of the film at the ICA tonight finds Ali herself in a pre-show conversation with fellow beef-ridden British-Asian writer Hanif Kureishi. Need I say more? /

Gig Blind Alphabetz Record Release
“Luvolution is a revolution born out of love and submission to our creator, rather than a revolution born out of hate towards people,” so I was told by Mohammed Yahya over soft drinks and still water in Marylebone a few months back. This was my first encounter with the North West London MC, who together with Iron Braydz, (Yahya’ smate, producer and fellow Islam-convert) forms hip hop duo Blind Alphabetz. With two and a half years of production behind them and a collaboration with Dead Prez’s M1 (the de facto chief of conscious rap the world over), Blind Alpha are finally ready to let loose their debut offering, Luvolution to the masses. A gimmick-free passion for the positive and a faith-driven flair for storytelling will be unleashed at Cargo tonight at their free record release party. Get down there, and you too will soon be yelling ‘Viva la luvolution!’ /

shopping Fresh Kicks!
God god god, there are so many ways to tackle this little fun-nugget of a preview. Nike (sweatshop labour-exploiting multinational? or emblematic brand of hip hop culture? You decide!) blew my colleague and I away a little while ago when they came out with the NikeiD – the online design studio which allows you to create your very own customised kicks. I mean, this really brought a new meaning to the concept of Limited Eds right? Pretending to work, we’d drool over our creations, never having the nerve (or the funds) to actually order the things. Now, they’ve created a proper store, where you can go in and do the ting with the help of “trained Design Consultants.” What? All I can think about is watching those nu-rave idiots bust out of their bright red skinny jeans with jealousy for my utterly old school sense of footwear pizzazz. / Heiress Maximus

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is embarrassing...

One of 'my' writers dissed this party in the upcoming le cool. Nice. To my defense, I only put it in because we needed a club night...and...Fuck it, I stand by it.

Club Movement at Bar Rumba

When I was 16 I came to London for the first time to visit a friend whose father had moved the family here. We spent our days wandering through Camden Town (as any teenage tourist should), drinking at pubs (the shock of drinking in an actual bar!) and taking boat rides on the Thames, basking in the glory of knowing everything yet experiencing important world landmarks for the first time. Our big night out was at Bar Rumba where we drank Red Bull jacked-up with cheap vodka smuggled in by our baggy jeaned homeboys. Ten (sigh) years later, and this landmark club is still going strong. Tonight’s party features a stellar selection of D n’B elite including Sao Paolo’s DJ Andy, Dizzee’s Da Feelin’ producer Shy FX alongside veteran MC Skibadee. All this in celebration of selecta Jordan V’s birthday at the long-running Movement party. Bring it back – but now that you’re a grown up – don’t sneak in store-bought booze, I promise I won’t. /

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Who friggin' called this one?

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