Saturday, September 29, 2007

Le Cool * 29

Good news homie and homiettes - I'm going to be editing the weird and wonderful le cool!! Yay! Here are last week's selections anywho...

FILM Kill 'Double' Bill
You may be insulted and disappointed with the latest Tarantino joint. Or you may just be strangely drawn to the objectified hotness that (what I’m guessing) is Rosario Dawson’s ass on the new Death Proof poster in the tubes. Frankly that’s all that comes to mind when someone mentions ol’ QT to me these days. That and how funny he is when he gets drunk on American talk shows. Remember though, when Kill Bill came out? And how about that crazy-ass sequence where Uma Thurman masters the art of the Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique? Know what I’m sayin’? If not, it’s all good – you can get to know today at the Riverside where a double bill of this two-part (arguable) masterpiece is being featured. If yes, you can still go and enjoy. /

ART BATTLE Secret Wars Brixton
If you missed the utterly banging Secret Wars’ event at Juno last weekend or you live in south London, or you don’t but oddly enjoy the torture of travelling home from there late at night – then you might wanna check out this one-off graffiti battle at Plan B tonight. It’s the first time these infamous scrawl-offs are taking place souf of the river and the line-up is pretty hot. Sooper Duper Crew’s Alfa and MN (who featured in a 13-page cover spread in Graphotism earlier this year) are going wall-to-wall with last year’s beaten finalist Teck1 and Daydream Network’s Jimmi Crayon. With hip hop and funk delicacies provided by the Fidgit (the evening’s hosts) resident DJs – the evening is set to your urban fancy. /

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Informer - One Track - One Week to Live

Poor Snow. From the day he stepped into the public eye, the Canadian reggae crooner has been somewhat of a pop-cultural laughing stock never to be taken seriously. ‘Informer’, his claim to fame and the subject of this week’s One Track, was called “the catchiest and funniest reggae crossover since Musical Youth's comparably nonsensical Pass the Dutchie” by Rolling Stone upon release. But what isn’t widely recognised is the fact that this white boy has actually earned a decent level of respect amongst his peers in the reggae industry.

Snow, (Darrin O’Brien to his mom), was raised in Allenbury Gardens, a gritty ends in T-Dot’s [Toronto] North York suburb where he met Jamaican-born DJ Marvin Prince. Funnily enough, his moniker doesn’t stand for the obvious (the fact that he’s a white artist whose specialty is a predominantly black genre) and is actually an acronym for Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy – dubbed by Prince.

It was Prince who introduced O’Brien to old schooler cousin of Marley Marl, MC Shan in New York, consequently setting the stage for a momentous collaboration. Shan was highly impressed by O’Brien’s mic skills and urged the young MC into the studio where they recorded debut LP ‘12 Inches of Snow’ – off of which came ‘Informer’.

In an interesting interpretation of Patois (that Snow supposedly learnt in jail), the song bemoans an ‘informer’ who has falsely accused our protagonist of partaking in a murder. They squeezed in a video shoot before O’Brien was forced to plead guilty to a pending assault charge and sentenced to a year in jail. Releasing a hot single about being wrongly accused of a crime while behind bars? This is a PR move that 50 Cent would be proud of folks. You might call even call my boy an innovator in thug marketing.

The song went on to spend the next 17 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 – seven of which, Informer nestled comfortably at number one. This followed with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for biggest selling reggae single and highest charting reggae single in history. Thus by the time O’Brien emerged from prison, he was picked up in a limo and whisked away on a world tour. Not bad for a ‘nonsensical reggae crossover’ act eh? In spite of recording with international reggae superstars Buju Banton and Beenie Man, Snow’s career never, somewhat unsurprisingly, really hit that high again.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Le Cool - Week 28

Here's this week's le cool. Got some upcoming items in One Week To Live, Hip Hop Connection and - so stay tooooooned! Also check out The Hate Blog, a new project, as well as Me and Mr Jones - which will be updated whenever Jones (or me) decides to say something funny on MSN. I am totally exhausted from going to Yo Yo last night and working all day long this Friday. Have a great weekend. Cxx

exhibition Late Night Terracotta Army
You’ve probably already heard all about how China’s first emperor Qin Shihuangdi had his dead self buried with about 9000 life size terracotta warriors in order to protect his empire in the afterlife. You also probably know that a number of these ancient sculptures, which were discovered by poor well-digging farmers in 1974, are currently on show at The British Museum. But what you might not know is that over the next two weeks the exhibit will be open late on Thursdays and Fridays. You can do a total Chinese theme night! Afterwards, (I would say go to Chinatown but if you’re out late you may as well make a night of it) you can hop on the 242 or 8 to the Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch for some trendy cocktails and delicious dim sum. Mmmmm! /

Gig V Double O
I found this guy completely randomly while browsing the interweb and coming across his little goldmine of YouTube profile. Based in Highgate, North London – V Double O, born Bradley Aidan Johnson, has posted around 60 videos of himself rhyming in front of a webcam from his bedroom studio. Currently flipping rides in an effort to build his very own studio space, this 21-year-old MC offers up simple videos, with both borrowed and homemade beats, that serve the purpose of revealing what an utterly raw talent he is. Calling himself the UK’s Fastest Rapper, Johnson brings a totally new meaning to the term ‘spit-fire lyrics’ and will be celebrating his 1 millionth YouTube view tonight at Notting Hill Arts Club’s seminal hip hop night Yo Yo./

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This weekend...

Two things:

1. Cutting words
2. Red Wine

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Only in England...

For the time-poor Londoner, it is the ultimate way to combine fresh air and exercise with a relaxing drink after work.

The Pub Crawler, a mobile bar propelled by the pedal power of its customers, is being hired out for up to £1,500 a time for tours between the capital's pubs.

It can accommodate 12 people - 10 guests who sit on bar stools with pedals so they can drink as they travel from venue to venue and, for safety's sake, a professional two-man crew who steer.

The Pub Crawler was introduced to London by 35-year-old Luke Robertson after he saw a similar contraption while holidaying in the Baltics.

He said: "I commissioned a friend, who's an engineer, to design and build it from some photographs I had taken. It took around four months to perfect."

The Pub Crawler is legally classified as a quad cycle, so it can be used on public roads. It does not need a drinks licence because customers are not sold any alcohol while they are on board.

From Alex Stephens, Evening Standard 30.08.07

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

le cool week 27

photography: Wildstyle 25 Years at PYMCA Can you believe that Wildstyle came out 25 years ago? Does that make you feel old? Did you see it and make up your own tag, and go out and buy yourself a magnum and run around your town writing your name all over everything? Or did you start taking break-dancing lessons and wearing Adidas track suits and standing around with your arms crossed with fat laces and your shell-toe tongues sticking out like thirsty ‘hood kids in the middle of a New York heat wave? Or did you take up rhyming and walk the streets rapping to yourself boldly ignoring the sniggers of the player haters that passed you by? OK if you didn’t or have no clue what I’m on about – there’s a photographic exhibit of old school rap imagery at the PYMCA gallery to celebrate the birthday of this seminal hip hop film. Local artists Teck1 and Stika have bombed the gallery, emulating wildstyle itself. Commemorative DVDs, soundtracks and a book are being released too. Check, check check it out… /

photography: Lomography Congress
After much effort (mainly wading through their website which reads like the English translation of a Spanish art student’s dissertation) I seem to have figured out what the heck Lomography is. Back in the day Russia’s state-owned optics firm, Lomo Plc created a funky 35mm camera, a model of which was discovered by some Austrians in ‘91 who were holidaying in Prague. These people have since formed a cult-like organisation which not only sells many versions of the camera, but promotes a whole lifestyle (which includes 10 Commandments) around taking neat pics with the retro gadgets. It’s like Flickr or Photobucket for cool cats. The London Design Festival has invited them over for their ‘World Congress’ which will feature a massive wall in Trafalgar Square with over 100,000 images taken by Lomographers all over the world./

Highly Anticipated Announcement.

Canadian freelance journalist Chloe McCloskey and Essex-born English counterpart Josh Jones today revealed that they will expose a selection of their private exchanges on an exclusive tell-all website.
It is thought the secretive pair, who met whilst working on the seemingly defunct magazine, will use the site to boost their journalistic profiles both online and off.
The blog is rumoured to be called Conversations with Josh Jones and is set to launch immediately, featuring chats that, in the past, have only been known to very close confidants.
A source tells Nueva Nomad, "Chloe thought of the idea while Josh recoiled in a Tesco from the terror of interviewing former child entertainer Pee Wee Herman."
Further details have yet to be confirmed.
Jones remains crafty.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

gift for self

I bought me one of these little numbers far it's pretty tight but I haven't brought it to gym or out in public. The video quality is so good. I don't know when I'll use it - cuz you know I ain't busting out any form of new electronics on the TFL. The sound kills the iPod, and the interface is smooth, only problem is it comes with it's own iTunes type program and converts all the tracks into some wack format but whatever it's still hot.


I went with Josh Jones to see Jusice at Koko on Thursday and it was off the fucking hook. I wasn't looking forward to it, kind of wanted to go and observe rather than participate. However once the intro to Genesis came on - which uses the same Godzilla sample that Pharoahe Monch used in Simon Says - I was jumping to get downstairs and join the crowd. The show was as close to what I'd call a religious experience (kind of cliche given their whole cross theme I know...) one can get in a room full of pillhead hipsters. Speaking of hipsters though, there weren't as many freaks as I thought there would be. The crowd, for London, was surprisingly normal. Gaspard and Xavier pulled out all the hits and the sweaty observers were seemingly ecstatic. It was a wet, sexy, and heart throbbing affair I highly recommend going if they come to a town near you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Le Cool - Week 26

Hey y'all. The holiday is over! Time to get back to work. Here's this week's offering from

exhibition: ‘Till Death Do Us Part
My flatmate (who I really like and admire) is giving me the silent treatment for some reason, so in an effort to win her back I am going to big-up her friend’s art show: The Empire Gallery is currently hosting recent work by Central Saint Martins’ grad Kim O’Neil – who through painting and decoupage has created a facetious tribute to the briefest of celebrity marriages. Keeping with the theme, O’Neil has also fashioned an 8ft tall Victorian marriage certificate with face-holes (like those things at tourist attractions) so you can stick your mug through and take pictures (see Britney and friend left). Plus tonight’s event is open ‘till 10 in association with Time Out First Thursdays. Just kidding ‘bout that flatmate thing by the way – there’s no nepotism at le cool. /

: Justice
Oh man oh man oh man. Guess who's in
town tonight? I'll give you clues: They’re French, they make dance music and they bust a giant glowing cross as a backdrop to their stage show. No it's not some Franco-KKK-raver outfit, it's the holy electro-house duo Justice! Head down to Koko tonight where Monsieur Gaspard AugĂ© and Xavier de Rosnay should most certainly make you shake your friggin' ass off. Representing Pedro Winter’s Ed Banger Records (home to DJ Mehdi, Uffie and Mr Oizo) these boys shot to fame with a remix of Simian’s Never Be Alone, the video for which won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video in 2006 (yeah it’s the one Kanye went all wacko over). Their hot record ‘†’ has been out since June – so if you haven’t already, you’d better cop it. /

event: Vauxhall Tribes
While he may threaten to get old school on his latest single, Dizzee Rascal promises to bring the new with the final of Vauxhall Tribes in the East End this weekend. The contest, thrown by the car manufacturers (I’m not even gonna get into the played-outness of hip hop’s commercialisation), will bring the freshest, untouched talent the country has to offer, after a variety of regional heats (Manchester, Brighton, Bristol and Nottingham) split the cream from the crop. ‘Nuff skills will be on display with heads flaunting their goods in a refiguring of the holy four elements: street art, MCing, breakdancing and beatboxing. Top judges will decipher who deserves the prize – to perform live with Mr Rascal himself – and fun should be had by all. Rudeboy go watch that. /