Friday, August 03, 2007

Don't call her crazy...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Le Cool - Week 25


This will be the last of le cool for a few while...the owners are European and go on holiday for a three weeks in the summertime (something other so-called 'civilised' nations should do). So I will be busting my ass trying to get into more publications in the meantime. Please hit me up if you are in need of any copy, features, interviews, reviews etc. Cx

Day Out: Tales of the Jackalope//

If you haven’t had enough of festivals this autumn, I mean summer, then Tales of the Jackalope is all yours; I’m looking at it as the ultimate Londoner festival. This field-banger is destined to be a real doozy: it’s just around the corner in Norfick, limited to 3000 and run by hipster-bible Vice. Plus you can go for 24-hours and not even bother with that hippie-raver camping jazz. Really great acts will be playing like The Fall, Dizzee Rascal (his new LP is sick bruv!) and Chromeo – that synthy duo from Montreal (one half is Vice’s rap editor/DJ A-Trak’s big bro Dave1) and also plenty of up and comers – who – if you know Vice – will likely be the Amy Winehouses of 2011 - yup the ultimate in cutting edgeism, seen? /

Exhibition: An Appetite for Decoration//
Art is cool in that timeless sort of ‘totally-necessary-for-a-balanced- society’ kind of way. And Hackney is cool in that fleeting 'edgy-yuppie -but-still-actually-dangerous' kind of way. Ready for this one? You can go to Hackney and check out art this week. I know right? Terrace (an artist-run gallery/studio space) is throwing a 2-year anniversary jam at their joint behind Kingsland Rd and the theme is Appetite for Decoration – awesome. Keep your eyes peeled for work by Camden-based portraitist Nicola Morrison, who is cool in that my-ex-studio- mate-is-fast-becoming-the-darling-of-the-art- world-but-PLEASE-don’t-mention-her-name kind of way. There will also be paintings by milliners, sculptures and photos and all kinds of other crazy interesting stuffs. Go. /