Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Le Cool - Week 24

Gig Lethal Bizzle//

Pow! Lethal Bizzle has been mixing it up lately dude. Seriously. I mean – here you got this grime guy whose first single (called Pow! actually) was banned on most mainstream UK radio stations ‘cause of gun lyrics and was part of a posse called ‘More Fire Crew’ but opens for bands like The Enemy (who were described by Josh Jones as “an angry trio from Coventry who are very very much against skinny jeans and heroin”). He also works with this wacky Welsh white-boy called Akira the Don – who is very knowledgeable about quality hip hop but also kind of looks like a long-haired, bleach-blonde, bearded, tattooed rocker in rapper’s clothes. Anyway, the point is Lethal B is all up in it and makes heavy grime-rap-grindie music and is good and is playing at Islington Academy and you should go. /

Exhibition Photographs from Fleet Street//
A lot of folks despise us journalists. Apparently we skew the truth, are part of the ‘media machine’ fuelling war, feeding off capitalism and thriving on sensationalism. We cut quotes to suit our needs and forget about the little guys. But, what about the snappers?! Who do you think follows Spears around taking pictures of her friggin’ kebab? Do you think it was a wordsmith that chased Diana into that wall? (I’m going to get in trouble for this). Whatever, I’m just kidding – we’re both important, and one day those pics of Brit’s bits will be in the history books! Right now the National Portrait Gallery is showing off what actually is in the history books in this exhibit exposing 80 years of British history by way of newspaper photography. /

Film New York Double Bill//
Start spreadin’ the news…I’m leavin’ today…You (unless you are one of the billions of heavily annoying Spanish/Italian teenagers that have descended in hordes upon the Big Smoke over the past month) live in one of the best cities in the world. And for English-speaking cities Londoners, your hometown is really only challenged by one stellar, monolithic metropolis and that my friends, is New York f*cking City. This week the Riverside is giving you the chance to visit the Big Apple via two awesome films that are like, totally pre-requisites to being cool. Classic doesn’t even begin to describe Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and Lee’s Do the Right Thing, which make up the program. Wanna be a part of it? It’s up to you, New York, New York! /

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Le Cool - Week 23

Film: Sunshine//

Super-dope director Danny Boyle made this sci-fi movie called Sunshine that came out earlier this year that was written by The Beach guy Alex Garland, who also wrote 28 Days Later, which stars Cillian Murphy, the smouldering Irish actor, who happens also to lead in Sunshine as an astronaut on a crazy-ass mission to blow up a bomb near the sun in order to save the earth from global cooling. It sounds kind of silly but it’s pretty good and even if you don’t think it’s good you will most likely have a good discussion with friends about it afterwards. It’s playing this week at the Prince Charles Cinema which is cheap and cheerful and in Leicester Sq but has nothing to do with all the annoying stuff like tourists and half price theatre tickets.

By the way - I'm sorry about the varying style of fonts. I'm just kind of getting this blog under control.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Le Cool - Week 22

Exhibition: Recognise
I’ve been trying to think of a snappy intro IN FOCUS’ Recognise this summer, but being funny-obnoxious or political-funny seems silly and lighthearted for showcase of artists whose work addresses the Middle East - so I’ll just tell you about it. Housed in the Contemporary Art Platform, a massive old warehouse in Finsbury Park – the show promises to “breathe new life into the region for a media weary audience” with a breathtaking display of over 40 artists’ work. Recognise will take a multimedia approach using video and film installations, digital technology and conceptual works to put forward the ideas of these international creatives in a moving and interactive experience. Sundays offer guided tours by curator Predrag Pajdic at 3pm and with the anti-racism fest RISE just round the corner, this week’s a winner. /

Gig: Jeru the Damaja
Back in ’96 Brooklyn-based MC Jeru the Damaja became an underground superhero when he hit the charts with the jiggy rap-dissing track ‘Ya Playin’ Yaself’ in a response to the growth of commercial gangsterism in hip hop. In a profound moment of rap contemplation, he challenged women to respect themselves and homeboys to stop slangin’ crack and busting gats. With Gangstarr’s producer extraordinaire DJ Premier putting up his now-legendary beats (which included head banger ‘Come Clean’) Jeru’s tunes have become fundamentals in true-school DJ bags worldwide. In spite of a falling out with Primo and crew, plus a minor beef with The Fugees, this self-proclaimed prophet’s gig at the Jazz Café is a must-see on the real and if you think anything else hun, you’re playin’ yaself. /

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Le Cool - Week 21

Be A Beatbox

If you’ve ever been blown away by the masterful mouthfuls of The Roots’ Rahzel – probably the world’s best known beatboxer, then the Science Museum’s Be a Beatbox event at the Dana Centre will be right up your alley. With performances by UK oral manipulators Shlomo, Bigg Taj and Psylent V – the evening sets out to explain the science behind beatboxing. For an extra “wow” or “eww” factor (depending on how science-y you are) lecturer Rachael Anne Knight will project on the walls ultrasound images of the interior of the human percussionists’ mouths while in action. Workshops on how to recreate the heavy sounds of hip hop without a pair of turntables will also take place so you yourself can learn how to take on the talents of a human mouth machine.

Art Auction
Evolving Styles: Street Art Auction
If you wanna be c-c-cool like Angelina and Brad you could adopt a UN-styled brood and traipse around the universe spending thousands of dollas on ‘street art’ done by Monsieur Banksy himself. But you don’t have to take on foreign kids to be charitable – you could be cool like us and go to Cargo and check Evolving Styles: Street Art Auction after work to enjoy a pre-Friday night BBQ and live art auction where the proceeds go to charity. With one-off pieces made in front of your very eyes, the event goes for the next four Fridays and even features the illustrious Lady Pink, (who starred in Wild Style) along with many other spray can masters. This week’s launch sees freestylist Xenz and German photorealist Tasso do their thing; it'll be 'some never forgive action' if you don’t reach son.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Great News

BBC Reporter Alan Johnston Freed!

This guy is my hero.