Saturday, June 30, 2007


Friday, June 29, 2007


Some new shizz: Clipse and Xzibit reviews - you gotta click Concert Reviews on the left - and the top three are mine.

Please forgive the ghetto appearance of the site - it's apparently in the process of being redesigned. The content is generally quite good - watch out for Mel Tang and Anna Nathanson's work.

Also - Gael Garcia Bernal worship here

I'll be in T dot from Aug.13-21st for a massive jam at the Gladstone. I'm running another 5km race today - wish me luck!

R.I.P. DUKE, who was at the top of the list. Say hi to Koko for me :(

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Way Cool Stuffs

I've been a busy little bee - interviewing, writing like mad, checking out gigs and working my ass off at the gym. Things are pretty good, feeling very progressive.

Some of the latest:

Pharoahe Monch Show Review

7th Annual Festival of New North American Writing (in London, UK of course...)

I think after this weekend I will start linking some of the celebrity stuff - just for fun's sake no?


Friday, June 08, 2007

Back from Amsterdam

Had an eye-opening mini-break to Amsterdam this week. I just got back today.
Some things are going to change, but it's all good - for the better. That city is great, we saw some cool stuff, particularly the World Press Photo exhibition in Oude Kerk (old church), which was beautiful and moving and can be seen here.

I almost got a tattoo there, but didn't end up going for it. I didn't have enough time to think about it.

I got my first piece for lecool published:

Native Spirit Festival

Too often experiences of the globe’s indigenous cultures go unnoticed, which unfortunately is even truer in Europe. Coming from the ‘land of the silver birch,’ it can be a little awkward hearing Canada’s First People being referred to as ‘red Indians’ or ‘Eskimos’ (although admittedly Jade Goody isn’t the best of cultural references). However it does look like the good people at the Latin America House are going to set things straight. This week marks the launch of the first annual Native Spirit Festival, a celebration of films that uncover the stories and struggles of these marginalised peeps to the British public. Look out for The Journals of Knud Rasmussen at the awesome, yet often overlooked Riverside Studios. It’s the latest from Inuit directors Norman Cohn and Zacharias Kunuk whose last film, Atanarjuat (Fast Runner) garnered a slew of awards including the Golden Camera at Cannes in ’01.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Some New Ish..

Alright kids?

I've been a bit busy - but things are starting to roll finally!

For some my latest works check:

k-os feature

the draper's arms in Islington

I also went to the k-os show in London at the Jazz Cafe earlier this week. The music was good - it was nice hearing the tunes outside of my iPod for once. But the crowd was embarrassing and I dug deep to find a fellow rap-head. Made up of awkward university students with bad hair - I was forced to face the fact after time passed that many of this cringe-worthy crowd were my countrypeople - oh god blame CANADA!! It was alright, this inebriated Aussie kept smashing me with his courier bag, screaming 'CRAB IN A BUCKET', while his embarrassed Winnipeg-born girlfriend apologized.

The Jazz Cafe is f*cking wack - they are brutal with press and super stinge with guestlist. Furthermore if you spend less than £12 on your card, they charge you £0.80! That shit is re-tahded! Oh yeah - and come winter you better not thing of layering because they take the £1.50 per ITEM coat check charge VERY SERIOUSLY.

Anywho - hope everyone's cool.